The July E-bulletin has now been published on the website. To access please click here.

There is a Youth worker vacancy. Please see July Bulletin.

The Refugee 2018 walk started on Friday 6th July and continues until Wednesday 11th July. For more details please click here.

Please note the Advisory Council minutes are now published on our website. You can find them by selecting "News" followed by "Advisory Council minutes"

The minutes from the September 2018 Open Meeting are accessible under the News drop down menu.

Date Time Location  
Monday 24th December 5.00pm Our Lady's Children's Vigil Mass
  6.00pm St Bonaventure's Children's Vigil Mass
  6.30pm Holy Family Children's Vigil Mass
  8.30pm Our Lady's Carols
  9.00pm Our Lady's Mass of the Nativity
  9.30pm Holy Family Carols
  10.00pm Holy Family Mass of the Nativity
  10.30pm St Bonaventure's Carols
  11.00pm St Bonaventure's Mass of the Nativity
Tuesday 25th December 9.00am St Bonaventure's Mass with Carols
  10.00am Holy Family Mass with Carols
  11.00am Our Lady's Mass with Carols
Wednesday 26th December 10.00am Holy Family Alter Server's Mass
Thursday 27th December 10:00am Holy Family  
Friday 28th December 10:00am St Bonaventure's  
Saturday 29th December 10:00am St Bonaventure's  
Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph      
Saturday 29th December 6:00pm Our Lady's  
Sunday 30th December 8:00am St Bonaventure's  
   9:30am Holy Family  
  10:30am St Bonaventure's  
  11:30am Our Lady's No evening Mass at Holy Family
Monday 31st December 9:30am Our Lady's  
Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God      
Tuesday 1st January 2019 10:00am Our Lady's  
Wednesday 2nd January 9:30am Holy Family  
Thursday 3rd January 9:30am Holy Family  
Friday 4th January 6:30am St Bonaventure's  
  9:30am St Bonaventure's  
  7:00pm Our Lady's  
Saturday 5th January 10.00am St Bonaventure's  
Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord
Saturday 5th January 6.00pm Our Lady's  
Sunday 6th January 8.00am St Bonaventure's  
  9.30am Holy Family  
  10.30am St Bonaventure's  
  11.30am Our Lady's  
  6.00pm Holy Family